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Digital Elf is the finest PPC agency that could serve your business needs, enabling a quantum of success within your desired time period. We help you increase conversions, drive traffic to your website, and at times both.

We have with us numerous prestigious clients whose campaigns we have moulded to perfection. With a client retention rate of 91%, Digital Elf is your one-stop choice for PPC services.

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PPC Management Services That Grow Businesses

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising, and is one of the best marketing strategies that lets you target your desired audience share. PPC allows for reaching customers who are already on the lookout for the specific product/service your business caters. When done right, PPC lets you curve right ahead of your nearest competitors.

Our forte lies with designing custom PPC campaigns which help you increase both conversions and revenue.

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Additional PPC advertising services from Digital Elf

Our PPC management services are complemented with our in-house platform and/or strategy-specific PPC services. This includes Facebook advertising via remarketing, roping in your targeted clientele. Browse these services now, or contact us online to talk with an experienced strategist about these different options. If you are looking to advertise on Google (whether with search, display, or shopping ads), Bing, or YouTube, switch to Digital Elf’s PPC management services. We sync your needs with market demands as you reap in the benefits of streamlined marketing strategies.

If you are looking to advertise on Google (whether with search, display, or shopping ads), Bing, or YouTube, our core PPC management service offers what you're looking for in an online ad management service.

Why is Digital Elf one of the best PPC management service providers?

Here at Digital Elf, we’re experts in our craft and pride ourselves at the finesse we have acquired through years of experience. We have collaborated with the best names in the business, driving home meaningful results for their companies through our PPC campaigns. If you need even more reasons to assess why Digital Elf is your best option when it comes to hiring a PPC management provider, do read on. And you’ll realise why we have time and again proved to be the best in business.


Transparency is at the core of building client relationships. Our pay-per-click management pricing is a strong example of the clarity that our firm provides for you. We want our clients to test the compatibility of their business requisites with our campaign methods. They need to be able to instinctively realise if we are a right fit or not. With this end in mind, Digital Elf provides you with a complete breakdown of each of our plans. This also creates a springboard for conversation about budget and helps foster a strong rapport from the beginning.


Our clients are treated as extended family here at Digital Elf. Marketing campaigns are crucial to the survival of a business and we do not trade lightly upon this delicate responsibility that lies with us. It is make-or-break for you, as it is for us. Your goals are made ours as we travel the extra mile to drive home the best results. The market dynamics are well taken care of through flexible strategies, so your campaign can reach greater heights and convert more business. Client satisfaction is our foremost priority.


Get the industry leader in pay-per-click at the helm of your marketing campaigns. Our job does not end with crafting a crisp Ad copy that helps you pull in the traffic you seek. We are there by your side at every step of a total PPC campaign in process. Digital Elf will assign you a dedicated campaign manager for addressing your requests via a well-thought out game plan and for keeping you updated with every small development of your campaign – the successes and the hiccups. We shall develop your campaign strategy, carry out advanced keyword research & subsequent selection, and even conduct a detailed analysis of your vertical. All this and more to ensure we target the correct demographic. Your campaign copy responsibilities lie with us entirely. Creating the copy, testing its performance, and continuously developing and tweaking the keywords integral to the campaign are all taken care of by our expert team. No stone is left unturned for your PPC campaign. Digital Elf tests new boundaries to enhance your business success.


We cannot stress enough on the importance of analysing the results of the ads that are run on your behalf. Every client should be able to measure the conversion rate, to assess how much of the traffic is being redirected. Here, Digital Elf comes to your rescue again. We provide you with campaign analytics, test A/B landing pages, and ensure your keywords are intensely effective at driving home results. You get updates at every step of the campaign run time. This helps you make educated decisions - how to proceed further in the near and immediate future, what new goals to target, what strategies to implement etc.


We know that every business is different. And every different business has needs unique to its core abilities, targets, and resources available. Thus, every campaign is hand-crafted to include the elements that best define your enterprise. We have with us a range of campaign plans for you to choose from. The Basic Plan takes care of standard industry needs, the Aggressive Plan goes full throttle into pushing your brand identity, while the Market Leader plan helps you carve out an unrivalled niche space for yourself in the digital space. You have the option to pick any of these PPC management plans according to the price range and market strategy that you deem fit for your business.

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