Google Local Services Ads Management

Want to boost conversions for your business? To attract traffic that leads to conversions, Google Local Services ads are a great investment — and Digital Elf helps you navigate through it. We make your Ad management process simple and hassle free. Just give us a call at +91-9353621461, or keep reading to learn more.


Google Local Services Ads Management

Google Local Services ads allow you to:

  • Connect with locals most likely to book your services
  • Establish trust with clients with Google Guarantee
  • Only pay for relevant leads & clients interested in your business/services

Our Google Local Services Ad specialists walk you through every step of the process. It’s time yo ease up your marketing worries with our stress-free ad management services. Contact Digital Elf to kick start your road to high revenue.

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Digital Elf’s Google Local Services Ad management plans include:


By 2022, voice searches are about to account for more than half of all online searches. You need to make sure content is optimized for voice search so it pops up anytime a client searches for the product you have an offer for.

All of Digital Elf’s Local Services Ad management plans include voice search optimization, thus paving your way to more qualified leads. No more worrying over missing out on qualified leads and revenue.


Paid Ad specialists work with you 24/7 to maximize your Ad spend and in turn reach your unique business goals.

Rest easy with Digital Elf as your Google Local Services Ad partner. We carve out for you a stress-free Ad process that reaps in the highest ROI for your company.


Review solicitation is part and parcel of Ad management plans from Digital Elf.

88% of people trust consumer reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family members. Since reviews are crucial in order to increase foot traffic, Digital Elf, via Google Local Services platform, provides you the necessary social proof and in turn boosts revenue.


Our clients get to keep track of where exactly their money goes, thanks to the custom Ad reporting that we have onboard.

In addition, we’ll outline and implement needed tweaks to your ad campaigns to drive even better results. Our basic plans include monthly reporting, and you can upgrade to our aggressive or market leader plans to receive automatic monthly cloud updates.


Digital Elf has extensive experience to drive tangible results for our clients.

When you work with us, you get access to a local marketing expert, who is dedicated to your Ad campaign success. Powered by our expertise, our ad management services let you drive relevant leads, conversions, and revenue for your local business.


Advanced geographic targeting is a special bonus on our Ad management solutions – reach out to ideal customers.

Connect with leads in areas near your business operation – geographic zones that are known to be profitable. This tool lets you maximize your Ad budget and connect with valuable customers near you and geographic zones near your local business.

Google Local Services application process and guidelines

Here’s a guide for you to start using Google Local Services ads. And remember — if you choose to partner with Digital Elf – we are right next to you providing guidance and support along every step of the process, from Ad creation to monitoring.

Confirm Your Eligibility

Don’t get ahead of yourself before you check whether or not your business is eligible for Google Local Services ads. It is important to note that this feature is available only to certain industries and in selected cities.

It is a simple step - to verify your eligibility on Google’s Local Services sign-up page. You get directed to the next step once your eligibility gets confirmed.

Create A Business Profile

Next comes creating a business profile. It is a key part of the process that determines where your Ad appears in search results. Digital Elf does all the work for you – helps you apply, set up, and optimize your business profile.

It’s important that you are honest about the services you offer since the profile determines which jobs match your Local Services. The trick is to only appear in front of ads that specifically seek your services. You can risk losing money on leads if you are to ever mention services that your business does not actually offer.

Specify the area from where you want your leads. If you are unwilling to take customers from outside of a 15-mile radius, it needs to be mentioned. This prevents you from wasting money on unwanted things that originate from outside of your operational area.

Edit your weekly budget, business hours, service areas, job types and much more on your profile and ensure getting niche customers.

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