How to Advertise Your Brand
on Social Media in 2020?

How to Advertise Your Brand on Social Media in 2020?

For most of us, social media is literally the last thing we check before going to sleep and the first thing we do when we wake up! Such is the power, influence and addiction to social media over people. The best part is that you can find people of all age groups and categories on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Whether it is a retiree, or it is a school-goer, social media has become an all-time favorite of practically everyone who has access to smartphones. It won't be wrong to say that if you influence social media, then you can easily influence people, or rather your target audience.

Target Audience

Target Audience

But this is 2020 that we are talking about. And most social media platforms are already being dominated by some major players in all kinds of niches and sub-niches. So, what is it that you can do to advertise your brand on social media in 2020 successfully so that you don't just drive more traffic but also generate higher number of leads?

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

  1. First things first, you need a robust yet fluid (as in, flexible) and highly defined strategy.
  2. Prior to deciding a strategy, you need to have clear goals as to what you need from your social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Goals

Do you simply want to drive more traffic? Or you want to become an influencer? Or maybe you want to directly generate leads and sell products?

Based on goals, devise a strategy with a well thought out plan to execute it. However, without a few tips, tricks and know-how of the latest social media trends, you won't be able to reach your targets easily and promptly.

We’re enlisting the top 3 social media trends that are worth considering in 2020 to make sure your social media marketing plans reap the fruits you intend them to!

Social Media Trends

Trend 1: Evanescent Content Is Happening

Evanescent content is that which is short-lived and disappears after a short duration of time. For instance, Snap and Instagram stories. Such kind of evanescent content is not only engaging but also is a great way to reach out to your audience quickly.

Instance, Snap and Instagram Stories

Instance, Snap and Instagram Stories

The popularity of ephemeral content can be guessed on the basis of the fact that even YouTube has launched a short video feature on its platform. With changing times, people’s content consumption behavior has also changed, hence, it is safe to say that evanescent content is certainly more effective and engaging than otherwise.

Trend 2: Niche Based Social Media Are A Thing

Gone are the days when the social media space was dominated by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The last couple of years have seen a rising trend in niche-based social media. For instance, teenagers can be found using TikTok more than most other social media, whereas B2B campaigns are seen thriving on LinkedIn.

Niche Based Social Media

Niche Based Social Media

Similarly, gamers can be found on Twitch and even platforms like Tinder and Reddit have flourished as niche-based social media spaces. Thus, you can run your social media campaigns on the social media platforms of respective niches.

Trend 3: Video Content Rules

The consumption of video content is viral. It is mainly due to the fact that via videos you can easily put forward your content in an impressive, engaging yet extremely easy to understand manner. Almost every social media platform offers the option to post content in the form of video.

Video Content

Video Content

According to a study, almost 82% of online content will be in the form of videos by 2022. Thus, you can only imagine how imperative it is for you to deploy video content as part of not only your social media marketing strategy but also as part of your online marketing strategy.


Social media platforms are unprecedented, which means, you need to up your game constantly and change your strategy regularly in order to ensure that your social media marketing campaigns remain effective. Social media platforms - whether small or big, old or new - keep evolving continuously.

Just a single update from Facebook, YouTube or Instagram can have a deep impact on your social media marketing. Thus, it is always a good idea to hand over this crucial task to someone who can handle it better and who knows how to deal with the fluctuations and changes effortlessly. One such experienced social media marketing company in Bangalore is Digital Elf SMART Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

If you want to advertise your brand on social media, especially in a promptly changing social world of 2020, reach out to us to get your doubts cleared. We develop and implement Social media marketing strategies to customers in India and other APAC regions.

What is your social media strategy in 2020? Will you deploy the above social media trends?



All in all, while building a good website is winning half the battle, the other half is about generating leads. And once both the goals are achieved, you will begin to register a good return on investment for the amount you invested in designing and maintaining your business website.

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