Outsourcing Web Development to India

With the rapid increase of ecommerce and the overall digitization of the day to day life, it comes as little to no surprise that everyone wants a website. But while everyone wants a website, let us take a look at another aspect of this digitization, a Web portal development in USA.

What is a web portal?

To put it as succinctly as possible, a web portal development is a single stop solution fr most of, if not all of your online needs. A web portal is a usually a single access point for all kinds of information. This information can be of any kind, such as articles, blogs, videos, etc. However, since most of these web portals act as a massive library of sorts, they are often locked behind membership programs, etc.

There are a number of other aspects behind such a portal such as user profiles, sign-in facilities, purchase options, etc. All of this is usually added to help further enhance the customer experience as well as improve the overall quality of the website based on user feedback. As time passes and more and more businesses coalesce, web portals are the way to go.

How to create a web portal?

The process of creating a web portal or as it is more commonly known as, web portal development. There are many facets to this whole process. For example, the procedure differs quite a lot based on the architecture of the website. Some of the more common examples of different website architectures are –

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MVC

These differences in architecture arise due to the differences in the basic needs of the web portal. To illustrate this point, take the following into consideration.

  • PHP – PHP (recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most commonly used, and open source scripting language. PHP programming is one of the most fundamental aspects behind designing a website and over the years, a number of derivatives have been created of this language.
  • Laravel – Laravel is one of the more famous derivates of PHP programming. There are a few fundamental differences between it and PHP however. To substantiate this point, PHP is more of a free flowing programming method. Laravel on the other hand follows a model-view-controller architectural pattern. This allows the developer to have much more control over the website than what was traditionally possible. This is so because Laravel Programmers often automate mundane tasks such as authentication, routing, caching, etc.
  • MVC –As touched upon previously, Laravel is a MVC architecture based language. There are a number of other such languages as well which utilise this framework. A lot of languages typically use this framework to create databases, web storage, etc.

Apart from selecting the best architecture, based on your needs, you will also need to hone in on the website design you would want for your portal. An intuitive and fast design is always preferred and will go a long way in attracting and retaining visitors. So, do try and make it a point to opt for an intuitive and fast design during the website design development phase.

This is exceptionally important for E-commerce portal development in USA because an e-commerce portal lives and dies by the customers it has. If it has low retention, then the return on investment is simply far too low for continued operations. But then the question arises, what if the cost of creating all of this is too high for a fledgling business?

Well, there are a lot of firms out there today who offer affordable and competitive pricing for web development in USA. One such firm is ours. We live to serve. Contact us today for outsourcing web development work to India, and have all your questions answered in no time. An obligation free quote awaits you!

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