The Role of Humanity in looking after its fellow Living Beings

The Role of Humanity in looking after its fellow Living Beings

The earth as we know it can be thought of as a place where animals, birds, micro-organisms, and humans exist in perfect harmony- or so we could say. It was thought that with humans being intellectually superior to other living organisms, man would caress each other and live peacefully- as one with nature.

But thanks to the deteriorating humane values and the onset of heightened materialistic pursuits, one began to avoid contact with each other. Only family, close relatives, and best friends remained in our close circles and “I should ( probably ) help them” list. Why do you think, humans- one of the most intelligent beings on earth refuse to help others? Well here is why:

  1. Ego and self centeredness issues

    Some believe that “Helping others is not my responsibility. I’ll just stay happy myself”.

    What these people fail to understand is that once you face a grave situation and can’t find any solace, that’s when you’d understand what it feels like to be left alone- cast to suffer for yourselves. So leave your centeredness and ego aside and help others.

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  2. An act of being proud.

    “The bigger they are, the harder they fall!”. Jimmy Cliff was true to his words when he wrote this line. A person who always thinks and keeps to himself- a person who is boastful of his immense wealth will always have to face a sting at one point in time. Whether or not it’s karmas doing, it would be hence wise to help others, so that when you face a grave situation, others would lend a helping hand to you as well. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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    Being the responsible citizen falls of our nation, it’s well within our rights to help our fellow brothers and sisters. It must come as an act of kindness- a thought process or rather a mindset to help others; and not something that must be forced upon.
    One mustn’t also forget the animals that lie helpless on the streets. Remember, we are the better men and women. It’s time we proved that we are the best the world has to offer. Social media like Facebook, Instagram can be a good platform to showcase the need of the hour to help others. It can be used as a means to spread awareness amongst others; and through efficient channels of Digital marketing strategies, it can very well find its way into a larger group of people.

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    Who doesn’t share a good video or a post that you really liked? So one can efficiently make use of digital marketing and social media to spread awareness on the role of humanity in looking after its fellow Living Beings.

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