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A Makeover for More Leads!

If you are keen to convert traffic into leads, it’s time you went back to the drawing board. Trust us with your redesigning needs and watch us deliver the absolute best. Faster load times, and easy navigations give a fresh look amidst beautiful contemporary designs, as your website experiences traffic like never before.


Website redesign services
Designed to engage

A business website needs to reflect the brand identity loud and clear. Cliched and dated website designs pose a risk to your business as people keep falling off the bandwagon unless you are able to keep them engaged. With multiple devices at their disposal, the target audience needs a unique experience of navigating your website each time they visit, via any platform. Digital Elf Smart Solutions custom website redesign services are crafted with your target industry, market, and your target audience in mind.

It is crucial for your website to get a facelift and treat your audience to fresh flavours. Digital Elf Smart Solutions professional web redesigning helps you address your design flaws as your existing website turns extraordinary – infused with new elements like an engaging call-to-action, and a compelling visual appearance.

Our Website Redesign Services

Digital Elf Smart Solutions Web Redesign service focuses not only on the design elements that your website must incorporate, but more importantly the needs of the market you are looking to capture, the industry your vertical belongs to, and the clientele you want to attract.

Landing Page
Redesign & Optimization

Landing pages can be make-or-break for your enterprise. It needs to be optimized for the perfect user experience, and that’s exactly what we do in order to boost your site performance and thus improve your search rankings.

Conventional Website

Have you given a thought about the UX of your website on different platforms? Are they easy to load, fast to navigate? Is your audience able to browse without any hiccup? We take care of all the above and more as your website becomes more mobile responsive under our care and you are able to expand your audience reach.

Custom WordPress
Redesign Services

What could be better than getting your website redesigned by industry experts. Our Wordpress Redesign services are customized to the client’s brand image and helps them synergise with their perfect customer.

Website Redesign

If your E-commerce website has been struggling with low ROI, our website redesign services help you scale up your sales. We make sure to get each aspect of your online store revamped effectively - custom theme, template, mobile responsive etc.

Redesign Your Website

People crave variety and change. With business portals – whether a B2B or a B2C website – one can never stress enough on design dynamics and fluidity. Our custom website Re-Designing helps you design themes and template.


While redoing your website design in its entirety, it is common place to face issues with content migration. A lot is on your plates – design possibilities, operations, logistics and much more. Let us ease your struggles with a well-planned content migration activity that executes itself smoothly while you get to reduce the overall Website Redesign cost.

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