Video Development

One of the most effective ways to reach out to potential customers and connect with them online is through the visual medium. Videos are soon becoming the most effective method to build brand image and reputation. Video platforms like YouTube are the game changers when it comes to present-day advertising as it allows you to create & curate content that lets your target audience learn more about your company and the services you provide.

What is key, however, is to give due importance to the key metrics that shall help you measure and analyze the results you derive from video marketing. There is a gamut of ways to monitor your performance, determine your favored success route, and to improve upon the strategies applied.


Why does video matter for marketing?

Creating videos should be preceded by understanding the basics of this medium and what it helps your company accomplish.

  1. Valuable Marketing Format

    One of the best formats for content marketing, Video lets you explore your potential to represent yourself through the audio-visual medium. As opposed to overt advertisements, video content lets you engage with the audience in innovative ways – provide tips through how-to videos or provide helpful information about o=your organization as exemplified through videos that document your services in action.

  2. Social Media Engagement

    Videos are the most popular content vertical across all social media sites. Facebook tends to allow longer videos and thus us favored by most marketers. As users scroll down their feed on desktop browsers, videos on Facebook start automatically playing thus giving them a glimpse of your content – a great method to attract leads. It catches their attention immediately and potential customers stay longer.

  3. Convenience

    Online audiences are video crazy as it allows them to skim through the text and get necessary information through the video. 59% of all company executives would prefer to watch videos than read articles chronicling a product.
    Videos help you demonstrate your product better. Photos alone cannot illustrate a product with the ease and simplicity videos can. Videos help you present your products/services in action – real-time – a leap ahead of detailed text descriptions. 74% of consumers account for consumers watching such videos, thus allowing you to use the medium as a precise and efficient tool in order to move your audience a step closer to buying your product

  4. Information relayed quickly

    Video marketing stands as an effective method to blast your message across a larger audience demographic. One minute of video conveys the exact amount of information as does 1.8 million words on text. As people continue to skip through texts and tiresome product descriptions, video is your much-needed tool to get across your company message faster, quicker, better.

Ready to reach more customers with video?

Reach out to your target customers via this most effective content marketing tool. Engage and rope in more and more loyal customers that help scale your business and let your company stand out from the crowd. As is true with other digital marketing channels, you get to monitor your results, improve upon your future course through the use of analytics, and chart out better strategies. Digital Elf helps you do all this and much more. If you are keen to add videos to your marketing strategy, Digital Elf is your best bet to help create custom digital marketing strategies. Years of experience have helped us generate real results for our customers and we’ll do the same for you.

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