Addressable Geofencing Services for Hyper-Targeted Ad Campaigns

Undoubtedly, your targeted audience, including consumers as well as business buyers, is elusive. However, with the help of addressable geofencing services, this thing is just about to change. With our professional addressable geofencing services, our clients can easily launch address-based or hyper targeted campaigns to drive phone calls, in-store visits, and boosted sales for their businesses.


Amplify Your Advertising ROI With Addressable Geofencing Services

For over 85% of digital marketers, location-based advertising creates more effective and rewarding ad campaigns. Needless to say, it not only improves the customer experience but also generates higher conversion rates by lifting up sales and in-store visits. This is why companies who’re looking to grow their market share can’t afford to ignore addressable geofencing services.

At Digital Elf, our addressable geofencing services not only allow your business to take full advantage of addressed-based geofencing without the hassle of developing a strategy but also help in launching a set of geofences to continually monitor your campaign.

So, if you’re interested in uplifting your business to generate more sales, then you can simply contact our professional and experienced team of strategist and learn more about our addressable geofencing services. You can also contact us online to get started now.

9 benefits of addressable geofencing services for B2B and B2C businesses

No matter your company operates in the business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) sector, addressable geofencing is a smart and effective strategy through which you can easily target the location of businesses, as well as residential neighborhoods, in order to reach and convert your audience with ease.

Here are 9 additional benefits of addressable geofencing services.


It is a well-known fact that Ad campaigns with little-to-no targeting tend to fail more quickly. This is why targeting has become a core component of digital advertising. With several options like location, age, interests, and more, you can easily help your business to can create hyper-targeted ads that can easily reach to your targeted audience.

Digital Elf’s addressable geofencing advertising services can augment the targeting of online advertising. Our professional geofencing software makes the complete use of property tax information and plot line maps in order to pull out the latest data. At Digital Elf, we use this data to create campaigns with utmost accuracy to eventually help your business reach to its targeted audience. For example, if you’ve a pest control company and you’re looking forward to generating some leads, then you can use our latest data to target residential neighborhoods with older homes.


No advertising campaign is the same. Whether you’re trying to encourage online shoppers to come out for a seasonal sale at your retail store or drive quote requests year-round as a part of your HVAC advertising strategy, all these digital marketing campaigns have a different goal. However, in some cases, these campaigns may have separate audiences, especially if your business serves both B2B and B2C users. This is why a scalable addressable geofencing solution is critical.

In case if you don’t have a scalable solution, your marketing team will have to bounce back-and-forth between the providers and applications and it could eventually turn out to be a hassle. However, with Digital Elf, you don’t even have to worry about this problem. Our professional addressable geofencing software can target up to one million addresses per campaign and generate desired results.


With online marketing, especially geofencing advertising, you can essentially credit your different marketing channels.

For example, if your company receives a phone call because of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy or social media advertising campaign, then the same thought process applies to your addressable geofencing efforts. If those ads result in a sale, or an in-store visit, or call, then it could ultimately help you to measure effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

The addressable geofencing services of Digital Elf can easily help your team track and credit the following to your campaigns:

  • Web forms, like a quote request form
  • Ecommerce-related actions, like a purchase
  • Foot traffic, like a store visit
  • For your business, this kind of tracking is invaluable.

with addressable geofencing services, you can monitor the performance of your campaign with accuracy, and at the same time, demonstrate the value of your addressable geofencing services to company decision-makers.


You can easily use other types of advertising and marketing strategies based on your business in order to achieve desired results.

For example, your company may already target specific addresses with direct mail or advertise to certain areas with traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Hence, you can use addressable geofencing advertising to support these other ad strategies.

As a matter of fact, this benefit of addressable geofencing is beyond valuable. It’s because companies with an omnichannel approach to marketing and advertising tend to retain almost 90% of their customers. Unlike these companies, there are businesses that don’t use omnichannel strategies and therefore, they have a client retention rate of less than 35%.

With a multi-channel approach to marketing and advertising, your business can easily reinforce your message (and unique offer) via different outlets. It will eventually help you to create brand awareness alongside reaching the ultimate goal of your advertising strategy: sales.


According to recent reports, while only 31% of transactions come from cross-device interactions (which is when a user bounces between multiple devices, like from their phone to their computer, before converting), cross-device targeting is still a valuable tool in online advertising because it includes addressable geofencing. This feature is also critical for companies which are operating offline and online.

According to a Google study on electronics, services, and retail purchases, over 80% of consumers conduct research and make purchases using both channels. For example, any customer may discover your product online and then buy it at your store later.

Using cross-device targeting provides your business with additional opportunities in order to help it reach and connect to your audience. In addition to this, it also lets you benefit from competitors who may ignore cross-device targeting and focus all their efforts on a single channel or device.

Our addressable geofencing services make it easy for your company to take advantage of cross-device targeting. You can easily target mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, which will eventually help you reach to the users in varying stages of the buying funnel, from awareness to purchase.


Personalization is immensely important for not only shoppers but also business buyers. Around 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with businesses that create a personalized marketing experience. Amazon is one of the best examples of companies that deliver a personalized experience by recommending products. Tailoring your marketing and advertising efforts can also have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Recent studies show that personalization can lower acquisition costs up to 50%, as well as improve revenue by five to 15%.

With geofencing solutions like our addressable geofencing services, your business (and dedicated Digital Elf account manager) can easily create a targeted and personalized campaign. These campaigns appeal to your audience’s needs along with helping you to maximize the benefits of geofencing.

For example, take the fictional Green Thumb Landscaping. This company provides residential landscaping services, and they’re looking to generate some customers from a new housing development. With addressable geofencing, they can easily determine the sold houses as well as create personalized ads for those new homeowners.

These homeowners, for instance, may want to start planting grass for their lawn but don’t have the time, or they may need help designing a garden for their backyard. Green Thumb Landscaping can incorporate these different scenarios into their geofencing ads.


Another excellent benefit of our geofencing solutions comes from our import capabilities.

If your company uses a customer relationship management (CRM) software or specific databases, you can use that data for addressable geofencing advertising. It’s fast and simple for your team to share and import this data, which can improve your campaign’s performance dramatically.

A few examples of some other databases that work well with geofencing advertising include:

  • Lease renewals for automobiles
  • Cable or Internet household statuses
  • Mortgage loan data
  • Direct mail listings
  • No matter what your database type is, it’s vital that your company has an extensive database.

    If you want to only use your CRM database or direct mail listings, for example, your business should feature at least 5000 addresses. We recommend 5000 to 20,000 addresses for addressable geofencing, though we can help your business target more than 20,000 addresses.


    Reporting is a critical part of any advertising campaign, whether offline or online.

    That’s why our geofencing software includes ZIP+4 level reporting. With ZIP+4 level reporting, your company can view campaign data by the last four digits of a ZIP code. These final four digits include critical details, like the area and surrounding streets.

    This granular level of reporting can help your team and dedicated Digital Elf account manager determine your strategy’s effectiveness and the potential value of a specific location.

    You may find, for example, that a particular set of streets don’t perform as well compared to another. In response, you remove those low-performing addresses and direct more of your ad spend towards those lucrative ones.

    With this reporting, you not only make your campaign smarter but also help your budget go farther.


    People change, and you need to adapt to those changes.

    That’s why our addressable geofencing services use software that updates your audiences daily.

    Daily audience updates help your dedicated account manager make strategic and timely choices about your campaign and strategy. If they spot a significant shift in your audience, they can make changes immediately.

    Constant audience updates also help your business uncover trends.

    For example, you may notice that audiences tend to convert, like by visiting your store, within a week. Or, that most users follow a path of visiting your website, returning to your site later, and then contacting your business.

    All this data can provide your team with additional insight into your customer base.

How does it work?

Geofencing refers to the creation of virtual boundaries (a fence) around a specific location (geo). Traditional geofencing triggers action as soon as a person enters or leaves your targeted radius. When you incorporate addressable geofencing, you create a boundary around individual businesses and houses.

1. Create a list of up to one million physical addresses

Compelling and distinctive call-to-action (CTA) in every advertisement keeps users engaged. The focus of our experienced Internet marketers is on creating actionable ads that encourage your target audience to act. Be it by visiting your booth, store, or website; our ads motivate them to click and act.

2. Set your geofence perimeters

Geofencing advertising delivers targeted messages as soon as your potential customer crosses the fenced location – in this case, their home or business. Location identification is made possible with technologies such as GPS, radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth, and even mobile applications.

3. Develop personalized campaigns

Advertisers are then able to reach consumers with video ads, audio ads, and display ads via mobile devices, laptops/desktops, and connected TV advertising. This type of marketing works well as a standalone campaign or as a complementary of existing personalized campaigns, including direct mail, addressable TV, and other marketing.

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