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Digital Elf has carved for itself an impeccable name for helping business around the globe witness their company performance soar, and the website security embolden. We have for you, a large variety of website maintenance plans to choose from, that lets you implement our digital expertise on monthly, hourly, or after-hours basis – according to your business needs.


Web Maintenance Services Built for Your Business

50 percent of users discover new products online. They would first visit your website and then go on to explore your products or browse your services. This first impression is crucial in establishing your company’s repute.

Thus, web maintenance is a high priority task for all businesses today.

At Digital Elf, we help you deliver faster, more secure, and seamless user experience to your clients. As a full-service digital marketing agency, our customized & comprehensive maintenance plans are your chosen turnkey solutions to maximize your site’s performance.

Get to know how our award-winning team of developers, designers, and digital marketers improve each feature of your website as well as maintain the same with elan. Read about our web maintenance service plans and prices or just reach out to us to tell us about your business and how we may help you scale it up.

What do website maintenance
services include?

Digital Elf helps you charter strategic plans for blog posts, product descriptions, online guides, long-form content and much more. Customized strategies that focus on deliverables are our forte and reflect our passion in having had the opportunity to have driven huge increase in revenue of our clients. What are the services you can avail if you decide to partner with Digital Elf? Read on to know more.


Our in-house team of developers provides your website with regular updates across website functionality and user security. All this happens during business hours – convenient for you to keep track of. Our website maintenance services take care of all your needs - adding new images, deleting page copy, or modifying a link.

A quick glance at our existing updates included in the packages tells the whole story of how extensive our services are:

  • Text: Making additions or deletions.
  • Photos: Making additions, deletions, and basic retouching.
  • Pages: Making additions or deletions while using existing page design.
  • Navigation: Basic navigational changes (add, move, or delete an item in the navigation).
  • File downloads: Making additions or deletions of PDF documents.
  • Videos: Insertion or deletion of a pre-edited video.
  • Links: Making additions or deletions.
  • Color and background images: Making changes or replacements.


Access our stellar tech support at all hours of your need. Your business thus overcomes every challenge that comes its way, with our experienced development team getting to the root of it.

You can submit consulting requests as part of your website maintenance services, apart from the basic services available. We have assembled a talented team to provide for you, innovative business solutions no matter what your query is; a fresh perspective each time. Let us help you add new contact forms or new pages to your navigation and thus enhance the total user experience.


Your team is free to take advantage of our scripting services no matter which of the three website maintenance packages you choose. Make the best of 360-degree comprehensive services in any customization that suits you - monthly, hourly, or after-hours; except of course, database programming is not included in our maintenance plans.

For example, if your company is in need to create a new contact form, you can leave it to our team to decide on the form layout and integration. But for database programming requirements, you can chat with your dedicated account manager about launching a dedicated project.


It is a norm for many businesses to use Wordpress as their CMS, keeping which in mind, we provide for Wordpress support in our website maintenance plans. As part of this plan, the Wordpress updates and security patches of your company shall be taken care of by us. It is only our “Progressive” and “Enterprise & E-commerce” website maintenance packages that include the WordPress maintenance service. If you select “Up & Coming,” you will lose out on these critical quarterly upgrades.


Google Analytics reports are the essential framework of any modern online business around which all immediate and future strategies ought to be built. They offer critical information about your website traffic, while highlighting your top performing pages, growth, scope, etc.

Count on our team of well experienced digital marketing specialists to be able to provide you with valuable insights that help to improve both the quality and the quantity of the day-to-day traffic your website hosts. Our digital marketing agency offers every service you’ll ever need in order to fully expand into internet marketing in the near future.


Tall claims need to be substantiated. Which is why our website maintenance services act on the promised turnaround time. The time varies according to which package you have opted for – monthly or hourly.

What regular updates do
website maintenance services include?

Overall Site

Site improvement is a self-sustainable process these days. Customers, staff, and leads all contribute to making the website experience just a little better. User-generated questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions help improve the site address according to the current market trends. You can use all the suggestions to enhance your site performance through routine website maintenance.

Product Or

Change is inevitable as your company continues to grow every day. All your products, services, and prices will be going through significant dynamic changes that your customers must know about. What is needed is a consistent schedule and a foolproof process for updating old products and existing service prices.

The website must be kept relevant and updated in real-time. This provides for the perfect user experience – one that streamlines your client base as they search for the latest products, services, and rates.


E-commerce companies must keep updating their websites with the latest sales they’ve made, the promotions on offer, and the latest inventory added. All of this helps increase traffic. Companies that operate offline can also take advantage of the marketing prowess of online marketing. Declaring offer specials will drive users to your website, call up your team for inquiries, visit the store, or schedule an appointment.

Offering special promotions, discount programs, etc. helps you survive the competitive market base. Competitive pricing drives your clientele towards your services. All your short-term and long-term sales initiatives must keep getting updated online. Our website maintenance services enable you to adhere to the above needs that strengthen your sales by means of unique offers you have onboard, for shoppers.


Technologies today are an ever-evolving component of online enterprises. Without a regular update of your website’s interactive components, you run the risk of appearing outdated. Your site’s development pieces must be working effectively on all different devices and browsers alike in order to retain current and potential clients. It helps you embolden your online reputation and lessen your bounce rate once your website’s interactive features are in place. Bounce rate is the metric that helps you measure the percentage of people who end up leaving your site right from the landing page. If they do not visit any other page, it is indicative of low-performance deliveries of your website.

With our thorough website maintenance at place, we fine-tune your site to ensure its interactive capabilities. Each time the features become outdated or require replacement, our website maintenance services notify your team in advance.

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