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Digital Elf is a leading geofencing advertising agency in the industry that focuses on the comprehensive growth of your company. We, at Digital Elf, offer high-standard geofencing Advertising services that are aimed towards your Industry events, competitor locations, and much more. We also help to target all demographics that have some meaning to your target audience in order to help your company accomplish its goals, drive revenues, and much more.


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Competitor Geofencing Advertising

It is a well-known fact that the key to a successful advertising campaign is precision. Here at Digital Elf, we use the most advanced Geofencing technology that targets custom audiences and locations with amazing precision. Our well-planned ad campaigns target some precised locations (based on the research of your competitors' location), conferences, and events, thereby eventually resulting in a higher ROI (return on investment). Geofencing advertising campaigns that are designed here at Digital Elf primarily offer you precision targeting for digital ads.

Our Original Geofencing Advertisement Techniques

Targeted Fences

Target geofences are very helpful in bringing the desired results. Therefore, here at Digital Elf, we focus on a compact size in order to ensure maximum exposure to your target audiences. The convenience of your user is our top priority, and hence we make it easier for them to visit your business. It’s easy for them to check-in at your location, no matter whether they’re a five-minute drive away or a 30-minutes.

Actionable Ads

Compelling and distinctive call-to-action (CTA) in every advertisement keeps users engaged. The focus of our experienced Internet marketers is on creating actionable ads that encourage your target audience to act. No matter whether your audience is visiting your booth, store, or website; our ads will possibly motivate them to click and act.

Progressive Management

It’s critical to stay ahead in the digital marketing industry. This is why our competitor geofencing advertising services include progressive monthly management. It is through this efficient progressive management feature that our team assesses and modifies your campaign in order to improve its performance and results for your business.

Optimized Audience Data

Using a wide variety of audience data, we at Digital Elf create geofencing campaigns that can bring quality leads. Referencing the data from your email subscriber list, loyalty reward member list, or even a list of client testimonials, we can easily create a competitive campaign that only focuses on delivering relevant ads to your target audience.

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