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SEO For E-Commerce Websites Is No Longer Optional

Business Insider industry report states that online shoppers start off with Amazon, a staggering 29% of the time. Whereas the cumulative market share of all other online retailers on the web stands at a paltry 9 percent. But not all hope is lost for these businesses. Google comes in as the savior since 15% of product searches start with Google – which is more than any location besides Amazon. Since Google’s index includes nearly every website on the internet, competing marketplaces still have an opportunity to be found. All they need is to play it wisely in order to come at the top of the organic search results. Work with a trusted e-commerce SEO consultant to increase your visibility in Google. Let us help you stand apart from the crowd, take note of your competing points, and fight it out with giants like Amazon within your vertical.

Deep Consumer Behavior Driven Keyword Research

Our intensive industry experience is put to use as we stratify our keyword research methodically, thus taking a route different and more dynamic than the age-old traditional market research. We dig deeper than surface level tools, identifying keyword opportunities that popular tools will not discover or recommend. Our end goal is to customize our search patterns that put you ahead of your nearest competitor. Fresh business opportunities present themselves when innovative market research techniques are borne through strategic brainstorming sessions. This approach enables us to consistently discover keywords that further attune your business to the fluctuating market dynamics. We assist you to identify and address all questions and concerns your target audience might have as of now or in the immediate future. Keeping our clients updated with fresh market developments is our foremost priority.

Unique Title And Meta Description Strategies

Markets are in dire need of product listings that are generated along with dynamic norms. Yet it must be stressed as to how ineffective the approach is. It is but the least effective method of generating pages for search engines. A manually produced product page that boasts of a 100% unique Ad copy and relevant keywords is far superior. Such pages are the crux of your campaign designed to outperform your nearest competitor. The most promising pages on your website are identified via the Pareto concept which believes in 80% percent of output to be derived from 20% of input. These pages are next rebuilt from scratch in order to maximize search engine traffic and rates of conversion.

Heading Tag And Image Optimization

Combining optimized keywords and keyword phrases with a sharp convincing copy, we target to make the most of the heading tags on each page, whilst optimizing your image metadata. This translates to greater visibility in image search results.

Content Optimization

Every page is assigned a “quality score” by Google. This score is generated factoring in content value, keyword relevance, information density, reading level, uniqueness, user behavior, and various other factors. The team of experienced copywriters, we have onboard ensure that each word contributes to user experience, customer retention, conversions, and search engine authority. We lead the pack when it comes to E-commerce website optimization, all thanks to our tried and tested optimization strategies. They have helped foster business revenues for a number of brands and it’s time you joined the wagon too.

E-Commerce Focused Link Building

Our PR experience and networking expertise are put to use to bring to the fore of the digital chasm the brilliant and professional copywriting we provide your websites with. A multitude of authoritative sources in our kitty enables you to earn relevant press exposure, building and attracting links along the way. Such networking helps you further strengthen and solidify your position in present and future search engine results.

Content Marketing For E-Commerce

Comprehensive content marketing strategies built to sync perfectly your business needs to help you create market demand and capture the same. All accessory aspects of building and promoting your business are included in our services - email lists, editorial placements, building links, etc. We streamline traffic for you to capture the top and bottom of funnel keyword searches. Thus your brand visibility is bolstered in every way possible and your revenue shoots through the sky.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is combined with inbound marketing strategies such as SEO marketing techniques, to be able to reduce cart abandonment, increase user engagement, eliminate bottlenecks, etc. Industry-standard A/B testing is reaped thoroughly for breakthrough results.

Extensive Analytics Tracking

Every sale must be attributable to your previous marketing efforts. To this end, we put to play the most modern and advanced analytics methods. Such methods include, but are not limited to, e-commerce goal conversion methods and many more. This carefully crafted strategy allows us to maximize your ROI with clarity and transparency.

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