E-commerce PPC Management

PPC has time and again proved to be one of the most effective ways to generate online revenue. If you are an e-commerce site, looking to make the most of your digital presence, then look no further than this tried and tested model. What you need is the right e-commerce PPC firm – one which understands your needs, and works in synergy to yield maximum dividends. Straight North, a Premier Google Partner and Accredited Professional for Bing Ads, is your trusted partner in capturing the online market. It has been doing PPC management for e-commerce companies since 2002, thus acquiring a wealth of experience in navigating the market.


The Benefits Ecommerce PPC
Offers Your Brand

Targeted marketing is the top benefit of e-commerce PPC. The ability to reach shoppers who have been on the search for exactly what you are selling is a phenomenal growth tool. E-commerce ads will not be pushed into someone’s newsfeed, magazine, or television screen. Here it differs from traditional Ad based marketing. You’re just paying for your products to be seen by people who want what you offer. Ecommerce PPC ads allow your products to be seen above all other organic search results on Google. 75% of users never scroll past even the first page of Google. And64% of people are known to click on sponsored paid ads as opposed to organic search results. This unique data point helps you understand how effectively PPC advertising will drive traffic to your website. Straight North enables our clients to reach consumers who are ready to make a purchase. Our e-commerce services bridge the gap between their need and your products. Furthermore, our team helps you optimize your Ads to ensure maximal visibility, generate constant traffic, and guarantee conversions.

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Why You Need Our Ecommerce
PPC Management Services

Our e-commerce PPC experts consistently generate quality traffic through your shopping campaigns, thus making time for you to focus on other integral aspects of your business which needs your attention. E-commerce PPC management creates a synergy for your business by doing what advertising should – generates pinpointed results in accelerated numbers. Target your customer with a multitude of e-commerce PPC ads, each addressing a different core need of the market demographic. Online marketing is not a “one size fits all” domain. What works best for e-commerce is a blend of text ads, shopping ads, and display Ads working together in tandem. The science lies in determining the strategy which best puts these Ad networks into action. With Straight North, you bring on board a PPC management team well-versed in creating profitable Ads for e-commerce companies such as yours. Turn online browsing into online buying with Straight North’s e-commerce PPC management services by your side.



Extensive research is undertaken for each of our client’s e-commerce PPC Ad campaigns. SEO continues to be an integral part of targeted marketing. Hence extra care is taken whilst including the best keywords that match your e-commerce business and products. We also take into account the negative keywords that could hurt your PPC campaigns and costs you unnecessary money.


As we create your ads, we implement a tiered keyword strategy that allows us to allocate greater portions of your budget to the best high traffic keywords. This Ad creation method results in more Ad clicks and product purchases. Clarity being at the epitome of every business relation, we make sure you are able to corroborate if your ads run accurately with your inventory quantities. This is made possible by us connecting your products to your shopping Ads through Google Merchant Center.


Our e-commerce PPC services include continuous management of your Ads. During this management process, we conduct A/B testing on different Ad copy to augment the click-through-rates of your PPC Ads.


The goal of our e-commerce PPC services is to increase product sales for your brand. We accomplish this using a few proven tactics:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Creative Ad Copy
  3. Daily Monitoring
  4. Continues Optimizaton

This surmises the accumulative effort that goes into making your Ad campaign a success, and to help you foster growth for your e-commerce business. Straight North helps you streamline traffic, boost your brand recognition and most importantly – magnify your profits. Let Straight North turn around your business today.

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