Business Plan & Strategy: We provide Business Consulting in and around India to StartUps and Established Business.Once you have finalized on your business idea, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get everything down on paper. Essentially you need Business Consulting and you need to identify the different sections that are necessary to build a business plan document, structure the same, and append valid information to every relevant section so that you get clear visibility on how your business may perform.

A business plan will have many important sections that will have to be meticulously dealt with, to make your business plan carry more weight.


A typical business plan will have the following sections:

1. Executive Summary

2. Defining the Business Idea

3. How will I generate revenue and make profits?

4. Market Analysis and the 4 P’s

5. Sales Strategy

6. Pricing Policy

7. Revenue Model

8. Competitor Analysis

9. Launch Point

10. Organizational Structure

11. Risk Analysis

12. Financial Statements (Projections)

13. Financial Services

14. Legalities

15. Exit Strategy and exit Process Solutions

Business Plan documentation:

We provide solutions and services related to Business Plan development and all kind of Business Consulting. We help our customers in analyzing their business idea in a meticulous manner and assist them in building a robust business plan.

We develop market survey techniques and forms using which the customers can evaluate the market requirement. All such data what we provide you in Business Consulting can be used in the business plan for the purpose of portraying a realistic picture of the market requirement.

Business Strategy:

We as well have expertise in providing strategic business solutions and provide valuable inputs to make our Customers business a profitable one. We help our customers in developing the SWOT analysis, evaluating the business goal, developing the projections for financial statements such as cash flow and P&L statements, all the way until identifying the terminal costs for project closure.